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eFlip FAQ - Find answers on sales and technical FAQs

This is the common questions you may meet in all of the eFlip Software.


Why should I choose eFlip online publications over one of your competitors?

Can I remove the Copyright by eFlip text and hyperlink?

Do eFlip offer any customization on my flipbook?

What is eFlip's free online upload service

How to publish and share my flip book online?

How to upload flip books online by using our service?

How to share my flash flip book offline?

How do you protect your published flipbooks?

How can I make books play on iPad?

"Class Not Registered Error" while using Flash Magazine programs?

Can I use Mac version program to create books to send to PC users?

How to quick import my recent flip book output?

Can I re-design published flip book?

Can I get extract templates for flip book design?

How can I update page flip software freely?

How to Convert Office document to flip book?

Create audio story books for children

How to read your text to readers in flip book?

Create flipbook bookshelf?

How to integrate shopping cart with Bookcase?

How to add online flipbook background image?

How to add online flipbook scenes?

How to add online flipbook templete&themes?

How to Create Flash or Mobile Version of Flipbook?

How to import Multiple PDFs to Standalone Flip book?

Learn how Google or other search engine to retrieve your Flipbook?

How to prompt important content with plugin feature in eFlip software?

How to Create Wordpress flipbook Plug-in?

How to Create Drupal flipbook Plug-in?

How to Create Joomla flipbook Plug-in?

How to insert the google analytics to flipbook website?



eFlip Standard


In the using of eFlip Standard, there may be some questions, and here are common questions of eFlip Standard.


1. How to insert links in eFlip Standard?

2. How to Change Buttons on Page Turning Books?

3. May I Print the Content of Flipbooks?

4. Where Can Be Inserted Logo in Flash Books?

5. How to Add Watermark in flip book?

6. How to Change Icon Colors in Flipbooks?

7. How to Select Languages to the Flippage Books?

8. How to Make the eBooks to Auto Flip Pages?

9. May Users Share Flash books via Facebook?

10. How to Share Flipbooks Via Email?

11. How to Change Page Shadow in the Flipbooks?

12. How to Add Background Image to Flip Books?

13. How to Insert Background Music to Flip Page Books?

14. How to Change the Bar Color in Flipbooks?

15. How to Right to Left Turn Pages of Flipbooks?

16. How to Alter the Page Size of Flip Books?

17. How to Allow Google Analytics in Flipping Page Books?

18. How to Import PDF, Office and RTF Files into Flip Software?

19. How to Customize the Page Range When Importing Files?

20. How to Define the Page Quality in Turning Page Converter Importation?

21. How Can Detect Wide Pages in Flip Book publisher?

22. How Can Users Import Links to Flipbooks?

23. How to Enable Search in Flip Books?

24. How to Use the ZIP Format Flip Books?

25. How to Get Mobile Version Flipbooks?

26. How to Make the Flip Book Free Online?

27. How to Add Sound Player in Flip Book?

28. How to Burn Flipbooks on CD?

29. How to Add Movie to the Flip Page Book?

30. How to Change the Hard Cover to the Flipbook?

31. How to Set the Flipping Speed to the Flipbooks?

32. How to Use Thumbnail in the Page Turning Converter?

33. How to Download the Flip Book?

34. May the Flash Book Be Shared to Social Network?

35. How to Alter Preloader Flash in Turning Page Converter?

36. How to Batch Convert All Files in One Flash Book?

37. How to Individual Set the Background Color in Flipbook?

38. How to Change Page Thickness in Flash Books?

39. How to Batch Convert Flash Books?

40. How to Add a Scene to Flash Book?

41. Can I insert YouTube Video near to flipbook in eFlip Software?

42. How to display dynamic banner on the background of flipbook?

43. How to show book news and info with eFlip Plugins?

44. How to add MP3 Player to flipbook HTML window?

45. How to add spectrum music player to HTML flipbook window?

46. How to make preface for Page Flip book?

47. How to display testimonials for flipbook readers?

48. How to set link for photo slideshow in eFlip Software?

49. How to use the Smart Intro Slider from eFlip Plugins?

50. How to make flipping photo album with digital photos?

51. How to manage and edit your imported PDF page in Page Control Panel?

52. How to upload Flipbook to FTP Server in eFlip Software?

53. How to import Multiple PDFs to Standalone Flip book?

54. Why people choose PDF ebook instead of traditional book?

55. How to make Flipbook in HTML5 with Thumbnail navigation?

56. How to create HTML Flip book for sharing online?

57. How to combine all imported PDFs into one and make flipbook?

58. Build App Flipbook for reading on Mac computer

59. Can I custom flipbook from images files?

60. How to embed animated flash flipbook into your website?

61. How to make animation Flipbook from PowerPoint?

62. How to produce Page Flipbook in HTML format?

63. Build Baby photo album to record every lovely moment

64. Create Audio Kid Flipbook for learning easily

65. How many flipbooks I can store to eFlip online server?

66. Make online children flipbook from kid art photos

67. Switch different types of images to photo flipbook

68. Embed and share your Digital Publications in WordPress blog

69. How to resize images and convert images to photo flipbook?

70. How to share page flip book online?

71. Effectively and quickly transform photo to flipbook

72. How to convert MS Office files (doc, excel, ppt) to flipbooks?

73. Define HTML Meta Tag of Flash Catalogue for SEO

74. How to make flipping ebook for CD/DVD delivery?

75. How to remove your Logo from output flipbook?

76. How to track visitor traffic of your flipbook by Google Analytics?

77. How to reduce the flipbook size for quickly uploading?

78. How to custom the page thickness of flipbook?

79. How to DIY Themes & Scenes for Flip brochure?


eFlip Professional


This is some questions you will meet when you use eFlip Professional to make flip book. The questions will be classified according to the template style you use in your Pro software. this is bacause the function in different templates are a little different from each other. of course, if your software is eFlip, you can still take these question as references. eFlip Professional has page edting function but eFlip doesn't. So the questions about edting function will be listed out for you.


Common Questions:

1. Can I select a template for my page flip book?

2. How can I quickly find the targeted setting function in the setting menu?

3. How can I save my designed templates for the PDF to flip book?

4. Can I convert several PDF to flip book at the same time?

5. How to publish my designed pdf to flip book?

6. Can I merge several PDF to one flip book in PageFlip software?

7. How to change flip book reading mode on iPhone?

8.Can video in flip book be viewed in full screen?

9.Retain my page editing settings of flip book when modifying original PDF?

10. How to manage your online flip Book on eflip server?

11. How to get more online Templates to decorate flash page flip book?

12. How to replace icons on Flash toolbar?

13. How to apply command line with eFlip Professional to build flip book?

14. Free publish comic flipbooks to cloud server

15. Flipping Photo Album on iPad, iPhone and Android

16. Create a cute photo flipbook with baby photos

17. Customize unique button for Page Flip book

18. Make Flash Flipbook from PPT for iPad

19. How to make vocabulary flip cards for iPad?

20. How to create riddle flip books for Children?

21. Set background of flipbook with images or pure color

22. Guide about how to manage online flipbooks

23. Is there a tool to help me read comics on Mobile?

24. How to make a flipping comic magazine?

25. Adjust height and width of flipbook in WordPress blog

26. How to make digital photo album with eFlip Professional?

27. How to create Excel Spreadsheets to Page flip book?

28. Publish digital magazine to read on Android Smartphone

29. Photos and Pictures to Flipbook album

30. Transform PowerPoint (ppt, pptx) to Digital Publishing Book

31. How to convert Microsoft Word to Flip ebook?

32. PDF to Page Flipbook for iPad

33. How to create Flash Flipbook from scan file?

34. Convert Microsoft Excel to Flipbook

35. Transform Office documents to Flipbooks

36. Make Flash Flip eBook by command line

37. Add Bookmark for all pages of flipbook

38. Set Password for Digital Publications Security

39. Upload FlipBook to your website with FTP

40. DIY Screen Saver with created Flipping ebook

41. Hide ToolBar Buttons of Page Flip book

42. How to embed YouTube video into HTML Flipbook?

43. How to Play Video by clicking on link of Flipbook?

44. How to present introdution on Page Flipbook?

45. How to insert MP3 Player to the background of flipbook?

46. How to gradually displayed text font for Flip ebook?

47. How to broadcast announcements to flipbook readers?

48. How to add Scroll Wars Text with eFlip Software?

49. How to insert video player into flipbook with eFlip Software?

50. How to set slogan banner in eFlip Software?

51. How to register eFlip Software?


Neat Templates:

1. How to show my company information on PDF to flash flip book?

2. How to import a logo to your flash flip book in neat templates?

3. How to make full screen show for the PDF to Flash flip book?

4. Can I design my ‘help’ icon in the flip book?

5. Can I hide Print icon in the eflip Professional?

6. Can I display a download URL for my product in the flip book?

7. How to add background music to page flip book?

8.How to set playing loops for PDF to flash background music?

9.How to design my ZOOM IN button of flip book?

10.How to enable searching key words in flipbook?

11.Can I share my PDF to flipbook with others?

12.Can I make my flash book flipping automatically?

13.Can I change my button color in my flash book?

14.How to set page thickness for your flip book?

15.How to make your flipbook background transparent?

16.Can the opened flipbook be shown on the right of the window?

17.How to cancel the page corner flip effect?

18.How to change button font format of flip book?

19.How to make a gradient background for flip book?

20.How to design tool bar color for flip book?

21.How to change thumbnail background color in flipbook?

22.How to change the proportions of flip book?

23.How to design shadow for flip page?

24.How to change the flipping speed in flipbook?

25.How to set start page for flip book?

26.How to change display color when your mouse move over a link?

27.How to define open window format for link in flipbook?

28.Can I know the traffic of flip book?

29.How to re-design a published file with flip book software?

30.How to hide mouse tracing effect for flip book?

31.Select a flash background for flip book quickly?

32.Convert PDF to Flipbook for reading on Android comfortably

33. Change the display language for Flipping Magazine

34. How can I make right to left flipbook?


Classical Templates:

1. Can I hide the tool bar of the flip book?

2. Can I show flip book in full screen?

3. How to design social share button in flip book?

4. How to hide book frame bar of flip book?

5. How to change the page flipping direction?

6. How to set hard cover for classical flip book?

7. How to show home button of flip book?


Float Templates

1. How to set the background for the PageFlip PDF to Flash Professional?

2.Can I import a logo and related link in the float template of flip book?

3.How to move the position of page number box?

4.How to show Help content to the flip book at the beginning?

5.Can I design “Help” content for flip book?

6.Can I move tool bar to the top of flip book flash window?

7.How to add an icon in tool bar of flip book?

8.How to display eBook to center of the Float flash window?

9.How to set outer and inner background for flip book?

10.How to adjust flash flip book window margin?



Page Editing Function:

1. How can I add Flash to eFlip Professional?

2. Can I add music in each page of the PDF to page flip book?

3. How to embed images slide show in your pdf to page flip book?

4. How to make a simple jump button to another page in flip page after converting PDF to flip book?

5. Can I draw a link to my website on sentence of PDF to flip page?

6. How to insert YouTube video to flip book?

7. How to set print area for part of the flipping page?

8. How to embed translucent image for flip book?

9. Create and embed animation text for flip book page?

10. How to draw an arrow for flip book?

11. Draw colorful ellipses in flip book page?

12. Draw high light area for important words of flip book?

13.How to add callout Text in flip book page?



PageFlip PDF Shopping Flash


1. How to create flipping shopping book with price icon in its page?

2. How to create shopping button for flip book?

3. Import outside button resources for shopping flip book?

4. Embed Youtube to flash flipping shopping book?

5. Create text button in shopping flipping catalog?

6. Design printable coupon for shopping flip book?

7. Make products searchable in shopping flip catalog?

8. Satisfy visitors’ different reading custom in shopping flipbook?

9. How to change flip style of shopping flip book?

10. How to add additional page to exiting flip book?

11. How to set animated background for flip book?

12. How to make shopping flash cart by the PageFlip Shopping Flash?

13. Easily make shopping flash cart to be printable?

14. How to make shopping flash cart to be available for full screen showing?

15. Embed video to shopping flash cart for better understanding?

16. Easily delete pages of shopping flash cart?

17. Insert company logo to shopping flash cart?

18. Easily add price tag to shopping flash cart by page flip software?

19. Would like to add bookmarks of shopping flash cart?

20. Make shopping flash brochure to be searchable?



PageFlip PPT to Flash


1. Can I convert PowerPoint to flip book?

2. Set book frame bar to quick click to turn flip book page?

3. The hyperlinks of PPT can be worked on flash book?

4. Batch convert PPT to flip book in few minutes?

5. Make PowerPoint slides to flip pages automatically?