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Can video in flipping book be viewed in full screen?


Video as a powerful information showing method can be inserted in the flipping book page. However, when we draw an effective frame for inserting the video in eFlip Professional , we will limit by its size. If a video is played in a small flash window, it will be hard for readers to get information clearly. So we need it to be played in full screen mood to cater more people’s needs. How can we view video in full screen mode while we are enjoying our flipping book?


Step1: make sure you have finished designing flipping book in the eFlip Standard software.
Step2: Click “Convert to Flipping Book” and choose an output format. Here Take HTML as an example.


Convert to Flipping Book

Step3: Click to open the output file and find out the video.


Click to open the output file and find out the video


Step4: Then click the full screen button on the right side of the video window.


click the full screen button




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