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How to set page thickness for your flipping book?


In eFlip Professional, you have initiative to control flipbook page thickness after your PDF conversion. Flip page thickness shows a more real-book like layout for your digital publication. The thick look of flipping book is a useful attractive tool, giving people an impression that your digital book has rich content. In the same way, if you just need plane effects, you can modify the setting easily. Let’s follow the steps below to create a plane PDF to flash book or a thick real-book like digital publication.


Step1: Get to Designing Setting panel after converting PDF to flip flash book.

Step2: fill in the blank form with a number in “Flash Display Settings>Pages per thickness”. This means how many pages to show a distinguishable thickness. The smaller value you set, the thicker your book will be. If the value is smaller than 0, or larger than the total page quantity of the flipbook, it won’t show any thickness.


set flip page thickness




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