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How to change flipping book reading mode on iPhone?


Since reading mode it become various, more and more flipping book reading effects are facing to market. Page turning effects become more and more for people to select, such as flip or slide or some other effects that is eye-catching! Here eFlip Professional has three options for page turning effects on mobile like iPhone, iPad, Android version. The following steps will show you how to change the reading mode on mobile. You can select the one most suitable for you.


Step1: when you prepare to publish designed flipping book, click “Convert to Flipping Book” in the navigation bar. Then tick “HTML” or “Zip” output format. Because the mobile version will be available in these two formats.

Step2: Then tick “Also Make Mobile Version”. And click the template option for mobile on the right side to view a down-pulled menu, select the effect you want. There are three effects in the menu: Slide, Flip, Single Page Flip.





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