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Embed Youtube to flash flipping shopping book?


Regularly, we can find products demonstration everywhere. If someone plans to buy a mobile phone, he may load on a video website like YouTube to find some phone model demonstration to help them decide what kind of mobile he should buy. That means video is important tool for marketing. Whatever advertisement or other business actions, it cannot leave without video. Here are some tips to help you design a flash flipping shopping book with YouTube video. For one hand, you can share your video on YouTube. For another hand, you can use YouTube platform to insert video easily in a flipping book catalog which is for shopping or online business.


Step1: Run PageFlip Shopping Flash. Select “Edit Shopping Cart” to enter shopping eBook flip page editing interface.
Step2: Click “Add YouTube” in the tool bar. Then create an effective frame as a video window in any position of flipping book page.


Add YouTube to flipping book

Step3: Copy your YouTube ID and paste it in “Video ID” in the Properties column. Then click “Refresh”.


Copy your YouTube ID and paste it in “Video ID” in the Properties column

Step4: Save and exit to view the effect.


effect of flipping book with YouTube



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