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How to publish and share my flipping book online?


After you using eFlip software to create a realistic flipping book with page turning effect, the next step to do is sharing it to others. Here will introduce the online way to share eBooks. That means you can publish your flipping book online!


I. If you are a website owner, you can upload the output flipping book files by FTP

1. Log in your website via FTP, for example, you website domain is;

2. Upload all files in the output directory to your website. For example, your output directory is C:\out\myflipbook:

Upload all files in the output directory to website

Then upload the directory "myfilpbook" (including "files" folder, SWF and HTML files) to your site.

3. See your flipping book at: "" or better:

I. If you aren’t a website owner, you can choose the following options for publishing flipbook online

Option1: Publish the flipbook onto your blog with uploading all output files (include folders);

Option2: If you can't upload folders to your blog or you don't have a blog, there is an online backup and share website you can utilize to publish your created flipbooks:
1. Create an account in Dropbox:

Create account in Dropbox


2. Choose "*.html" as flipbook output format. Drop your files to output path as "… \Dropbox\Public\flipbook" (make sure under "Public" folder). Make sure the files have been uploaded (the blue sign on the left side of the file icon has become green tick):


3. Open the "flipbook" folder under Dropbox path, right click "index.html" file to copy public link. You will get the book link like this: . Then you can send the link to other people for viewing your flipbook online.


By the way, if you want to embed the flipbook as to your existing webpage or blog page, you can:

1. Upload all output files include "*.html", "*.swf" and "files" folder to the same path where the webpage loaded (the same FTP method);
2. Edit the source code of your webpage (with HTML editor like Dreamweaver, or Notepad etc.), insert the paragraph below into the code;
3. Save the webpage, then open it in your Browser, check that whether the inserted flipbook can be viewed or not.




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