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How to enable searching key words in flipbook?


A PDF file contains a mass of information. After you convert it to a flash flipping book, it will be a little confused if you want to find out a sentence or some key words from the flip pages. It would be a little waste of time to find from the first page to the last page. However, you can use Search function smartly. With pressing search button in the flipping book tool bar, you can enter your keywords. The result will show in a list, including the specific page. Then click the item in the list, it will turn to the target flip page automatically. It really saves time for you!

The following text will show you how to enable searching in the PDF to flip book.

Step1: Run eFlip Standard. Import PDF and you should check enable search in the PDF importing interface.


enable search

Step2: Find out search setting item and choose Show in “Search Button”.


Step3: You can make further setting, such as change highlight color of search content and define the least number of search characters according to your needs.


Search Button


That’s finished! You can find out the search button in the flipbook tool bar and enter the content you want to search in the flip blank form to get your target content directly.


use search button


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