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How to make shopping flash cart by the PageFlip Shopping Flash?

PageFlip Shopping Flash is an easy page flip software for windows which would easily help people to create shopping flash cart from PDF and embed shopping flash cart on the website for better showing. Following as the easy steps to make shopping flash cart by PageFlip Shopping Flash:

Step 1: Install PageFlip Shopping Flash firstly

Step 2: Prepare PDF file

Step 3: Import PDF

easily import PDF shopping catalog by the easy page flip software of PageFlip Shopping Flash


Step 4: Customize the shopping flash cart as you like, such as choose template, change background and edit the shopping flash cart with embedding video, photo slideshow, price tag, flash and so on

Step 5: Publish flash shopping cart with one click on “Convert to Flipping Book”

easily add logo, video, photo slideshow to shopping flash cart and publish shopping flash cart by PageFlip Shopping Flash


If you would like to publish flash shopping cart to the website, you can easily upload the flash shopping cart to your own website.



Free Download Flash Shopping Cart Software: PageFlip Shopping Flash



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