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How to design social share button in flipping book?

Social share is a great feature of flipping book, it can help you to share flipping book with others. And a personalize share button will help your share work more easily and quickly. So, here I will introduce how to design social share button in flipping book with PageFlip PDF to Flash (Professional). Make sure you have installed eFlip Standard .


Step1: Run eFlip Standard (Professional). Find out share button setting area. If you can’t find among so many settings, you can put “Share” in the “Search” blank form to get it.

Step2: Choose “Show” in Share Button to call out “Share” button. This is email share function.

Step3: Enter your Email Subject and Email Body with a link which can represent you.

Step4: Choose “Show” in “Social Share Button” to make social show available. Here you can share in a lot of share platform, such as facebook.


How to design social share button in flipping book?



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