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How to adjust flash flip book window margin?


In Float Template of eFlip Standard, we have outer and inner interfaces to keep the book floating in a flash window. However, do you know that the flash window size can be adjusted in this flipbook software? Sometimes we would like to design a tiny flip book with smaller size or sometimes we prefer to a huge eBook layout that drive all attention of readers to the flip book content. Here will show you how to set margin for flip book content.


Step1: Make sure you have chosen “Float” template in flip book.

Step2: Move to “Book Margins” settings options. Change number in the options “Top Margin”, “Bottom Margin”, “Left Margin”, and “Right Margin”. The larger number you set, the smaller flash book layout you will get.


Move to “Book Margins” settings options.

Step3: Apply change. The effects for different margins are shown as below.


effects for different margins are shown as below




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