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How to upload flip books online by using our free service?


Not everyone have an own website. Due to this reason, we offer an online service to help flipbook users to publish their flipbook online. You are just required to register an account on our server. refer to What is eFlip's free online upload service.


Step1: Launch eFlip Professional and design your flip book.
Step2: When you finish it, click “Upload Online” in the tool bar of the software.


upload online

Step3: You will see the login in interface. First is to create an account for yourself with your email and password. Click “Create” to make it available.


create an account

Step4: After you create the account or log in, you can publish flip book freely with defining its HTML Meta Settings.


HTML Meta Settings


Step5: After you publish, you will gain the online link of the book and you can manage the online book in your backstage. Click this FAQ to view how to manage online books.






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