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Can I select a template for my page flip book?

eFlip allows you to set and customize the template or skins (or in other words the themes) of your publications. It is now possible not only to change the skin color or corner radius, but also to set up the look (appearance) of the text fields and the bottom menu. As a result, you will be able to create original and stylish publications which would match with your website’s design perfectly.


Customize flipbook templates









The great feather of eFlip Professional is to help you customize the pdf to flip book. However, not all of you have time to design the pdf to flash book. So a templates resource pool has been built up for you. You can select whatever templates whenever you want and there are more free download templates for this page flip book templates have been offer on our website, it is renewing all the time and you will have more resource to use.


Let’s see where to choose a templates for your 3d page flip book in this software.


Start up and move to the menu on the left. Choose ‘Float’ and jump to the main interface. There are for kinds for you to select. They are Classical, Float, Neat, Spread! OK, start your page flip book designing journey from now on!



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