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How do you protect your published flipbooks?


eFlip has the necessary set of tools for creating digital publications at a professional level. If your publication is not intended for the widespread distribution, then it is possible to protect it.



eFlip offers three levels of protection:


Password Protection

If your publication is an internal document, an e-magazine provided on subscription, or contains some confidential information for a particular audience, then you can protect it with a password.

Share the password only with those you wish to have access to your publication. This way you can protect your documents, books, or magazines from unauthorized access.


Encryption Protection

If you do not wish your publication to be quoted, or parts of it to be published separately (text, pictures, diagrams), you can activate the Encryption protection. This makes the extraction of separate parts and elements of the publication impossible, even if the reverse engineering is used. This is because each page will be coded in a unique way, and will be transformed into a disorganised set of data without a special key, therefore the file cannot be accessed or viewed outside your publication.


Domain Permission

With this feature you can specify the list of the websites your publication could be posted on. This is useful when you want your publication to be posted on your and/or your partners’ websites only. In case of unauthorized attempts to post your publication on third-party websites, it will not be displayed, therefore it will not be readable or available for viewing.




How do you protect your published flipbooks?


If you want to control who can view your page flipping ebook online, you can add a password for your published book before converting, just set the security options as follows:

  1. 1. Import PDF: click "File->Import PDF" to add file;
  2. 2. Security settings: click "Options->Flash Security" to enter into Flash Security Config interface, choose "Security Type" as "Single Password", define "Protect Page Range", click "OK" to save the settings, then click "Apply Change";
  3. 3. Convert: click "Convert->Convert To Flipping Book" to choose output mode as "*.html", then upload your created flipbook online, visitors need to input password to view the eBook.



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