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Social Networks transformed into a new and efficient way of sharing and distributing information. You can use it for your publications with the built-in easy sharing interface. Reach your audience, find new clients and business partners not only though your web-site, but also via Facebook and Twitter. Do so by publishing your catalogs, brochures and digital magazines on those web-sites they like visiting the most.


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With the new integrated free eFlip online service , which is available to all eFlip users, sharing on social networks becomes an easies and a more entertaining experience. You can post the links to your publications directly from the eFlip interface.



Can I share my PDF to flip book with others?

When you ask this question, I’m sure you have created a valuable page flipping book. Of course you can share with others frequently because you can copy your flipbook URL and paste it to anywhere. There is another way that leads you directly to share your flash PDF to flip book. You can show you share button and click it to share. It includes many channels, such as E-mail, facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Linkedin and more social share platform. Follow the steps to make your share function available.


Step1: Launch eFlip Professional, find out Share button setting area: Design Setting> Tool Bar Setting> Buttins Bar> Share
Step2: Choose “Show” in “Share Button”. Fill in your Email Subject and write down your link address in “Email Body”. It’s a pre-setting for Email share.
Step3: Choose “Show” in “Social Share Button”, to make it available to share through Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Linkedin and more social share platform.


Social Share Button




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