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How can I make flipbooks play on iPhone/iPad?

Q: I want to make my created magazine work on my iPad, but I don't know how, can you tell me?


eFlip allows you to create online magazines with page flipping effect that can be viewed on tablets, Apple and Android mobile devices. This ensures that you are reaching all of your readers, all of the time at no extra cost. Users on iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices will get the very best online reading experience via a mobile browser.

Mobile Device Support for flipbook








Any Device

eFlip accomplishes this task easily and efficiently. Turn your documents into modern and convenient digital publications.

Your catalogues, brochures, magazines and books will be available to all your clients and business partners on any computer or mobile device. The support of Flash and HTML5 technologies allows publications to be readable on mobile phones (iPhone and Android) and tablets (iPad and Android). And the support of HTML provides access to information for those who use mobile phones of previous generations.


Cross Platform Publishing

Your audience can access your digital documents in the most convenient way.

Furthermore, you do not need to save and distribute the publication in several different formats. Thanks to a special feature that automatically determines users’ platforms, it will be automatically accessible to all users regardless of the device they use.

To review how your publication will look on your or on any other mobile device, there is no need to upload it. Simply use Preview Feature and choose the device you want to see it on.


A: All programs in eFlip can help to output mobile version for your ebooks, just make sure:


1. Start your installed eFlip software, build your book and design template;

2. Enter into output interface, choose HTML output type and check "Also Make Mobile Version" to output your book;

3. Upload all output files and folders online together, including HTML, SWF, "files" and "mobile" folders.


Then you can view your book in the browser of PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.


more see: How to change flipping book reading mode on iPhone?


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