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Can I convert several PDF to flip book at the same time?

eFlip Support batch conversion to make you be able to publish or create multiple files at one time and merge all files to one. Meanwhile, you could operate the software easily with its concise guidance, more user-friendly interface, faster speed and better quality, which means that you could use the software flexibly and conveniently with steady and safe in motion while without special program skills.

Batch Convert PDF to flipbook


Are you going to convert several PDF to flip book when you are using eFlip Professional ? But you don’t know that the software have the function to convert several PDF files at the same time. So you just import and publish one by one. Oh, it is a little waste of time, maybe you can try as below. The following text will show you the batch convert feather in the flip book software.


Step1: Finish your pdf to flip book style settings and this style will be the style of your flip book after converting.

Step2: Click ‘Batch Convert’ in the tool bar. Then add the pdf files.


Step3: Setting template and choose output type and output folder.


Step4: Quickly convert to Flash Flipbook.



Notes: If you want to merge all PDFs into single one flipbook, before converting, check the option of Merge All Files to one, then you can do it.


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