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How to draw an arrow for flipping book?


Flip Page Editor in eFlip Professional is becoming more and more perfect. It’s like micro word which allows us to draw clipart in the flip page. Ellipses are one of the shapes you can apply in your digital pdf to flash eBook. What’s more, the comprehensive editing function enables you to define the ellipse color, its angle, transparency. In addition, you can set flash admission effect for the ellipse. All shining effects are in your hands to decorate flipping book.


Step1: Enter Flip Page Editor of eFlip Professional.
Step2: Click to choose “Add Ellipse” in “Select Shape to Insert”.


Add Ellipse

Step3: Draw the ellipse in the flipping book page. Then Define ellipse properties in the right setting panel. You can choose “Fill Style” to make it gradient or pure color. You can adjust the angel and alpha for the shape. You can set shadow and effect to make it more stunning.


Draw the ellipse in the flipping book page

Step4: Save and exit the Flip Page Editor to view the effect.





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