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For Mac OS 10.5 or above

(Not for PowerPC)

PageFlip DOC to Flash Mac

Doc to Flash used on Mac OS, Doc to Flash converter!

  • Enables you to convert DOC to Flash on Mac without compromising quality.
  • Selection and friendly user interface, make you ease to turn your DOC to flash book.
  • Two output format: HTML and APP to support you publish flash book online and offline.
  • Multiple designing templates to select and different templates for flipping book decorating work.
  • Bookmark, Share function, thumbnail and more applications are offerred in the software.
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(For Windows 7, Vista, XP here)



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Flash Player 10.0+

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As we all know, Mac OS is the world’s most advanced operating system. Nowadays, a part of people like to use Mac instead of PC. Then, those Mac OS user will face with the problem: how to convert DOC to flash flipping book? The best solution is PageFlip DOC to Flash Mac.

Have you puzzle over find suitable software to turn DOC into flash flipping book on Mac? The wise choice is PageFlip DOC to Flash Mac. Scan the following reason which explained to you:

1. Doc to flash Mac converter


DOC to flash Mac converter, enables you to convert your DOC into flash flipping book. It just needs a few steps for convert DOC to flash book. There are: import DOC (browse and open DOC file), apply change (the effect will show on your flash book after apply those change, no matter the setting of book, or the special effect of hard to cover), convert to flipping book (multiple output type provided:*.html, *.app). In that way, let’s go to create next generation digital publication to show on your website.

2. Output format: *.html,*.app

PageFlip DOC to Flash Mac provides you two output formats options to select, including *.html, *.app. By use of these formats, you can edit DOC document(s) page flip flash online and offline. If you want to operate the software via internet, you should select the format of *.html. On the contrary, *.app format adapt to offline situation so that you can share your DOC into flash flipping book any place without the limitation of internet. 

3. As we apply of reading (bookmark)bookmark


PageFlip DOC to Flash Mac can help to convert table of contents into bookmark when you turn your DOC file to flash flipping book on Mac. Save your time and make your book readers find destination page fleetly. Import bookmarks from original DOC file, or set new bookmark directly in PageFlip DOC to Flash Mac, so that your book readers can choose which chapter or book part to go to view and read much easier.

browse_way4. Variety method to browse flipping book

Are you ever annoyed that book (borrow from library or buy from bookstore) is too heavy to take which deeply puzzle your ordinary life? Our product PageFlip DOC to Flash Mac, provides the experience of reading books on computer without the trouble. Firstly, the application supports to check flash flipping book in full screen mode. Secondly, through browse Thumbnails, you can preview the final setting effect. At last, you can click on the triangle arrow to enter into the next page.

5. The industry’s highest


We have been committed to perfect our products all the time. Our customer is come from all over the world .Some of them are the top enterprises. It is a great pleasure to have the consistent approval from our customers. As industry leader, we always adhere to the principle: Good faith first, the customer is supreme. So that you can trust us and choose our software without any hesitate.

answer6. Answer to question will provide answer to question service for you. If you encounter any problem or have any question, please contact us directly via e-mail from our website. We will do our best to answer your question. Email support from our in-house team is available to you in normal working hours. Just as the saying: Customer is God. 

7.30 Day money guarantee



We have absolute confident for our product, software that PageFlip DOC to flash Mac. You may ask: "What the meaning of 30 Day money guarantee is?". That means if you are dissatisfied with our software for any reason. Please write your reasons or suggestion for our website’s e-mail. We will try our best to satisfied your request, and perfect our software according to your valuable suggestions.


8. Free update

We always attach great importance to the quality of products. Do you want to update your PageFlip DOC to flash Mac to enhance the performance of your software? Go to the interface, there exist the button called "check for update". Click on it and update the software freely. Afterwards, you can use the latest version. 


There are so many characteristic of our flip series products. Here are some key features of "PageFlip DOC to flash Mac":


1. Import DOC:

  • browse and open your DOC file, turn to flash book
  • set page ranges of DOC to import and convert, from all pages to custom range
  • add one or more watermarks on pages, no matter text or image types .Import bookmarks, links with DOC, make PageFlip book more flexible
  • set page quality and size, contains five levels

2. Output formats:

  • *.html format adapt to make on line on Mac
  • *.app format permit to use offline on Mac

3. Design setting:

  • provide classical, float, spread templates to customize the flash template
  • download much theme as you like, just link to our website
  • export the template and import to use next time
  • show home button and input link what you want to promote
  • allow to set flash book’s title when you use the template of float and neat, included its logo, logo URL, and title
  • allow to set button, book title, window font, font color
  • enable book readers to zoom in/out all pages or single page
  • provide full screen mode to read flipping book
  • enable single page or not based on read requirement
  • enable viewer to download and print your digital book
  • write help info to show in Help Window, like how to read flip book, etc
  • search relevant content by input keywords, for facilitate the reader
  • enable readers to play flip book without action with using auto flip reading mode
  • allow readers to share e-books via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • provide hard cover effect
  • adjust page shadow position and size
  • use minime style to show e-books without toolbar or other buttons in small window
  • set background color with different gradient angle, from color A to color B
  • change book proportions and book margins factor, for coordinate flipping book’s background
  • hide book frame bar, only display digital book
  • set different page number types Roman number for catalogue, Arabic for main body

4. Different navigate mode:

  • hyper channel that enter into previous, next, first, last page, just press the corresponding arrow
  • use mouse wheel, keyboard to turn pages directly
  • bookmark can help you scan whole framework and then you can set font color to different from bookmark background
  • Thumbnail panel, quickly find out which page (or image) to view and go to