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Self Publishing Software

Would you like to share the favorite print magazine to people online? Here we teach you a simple way. That is to make the magazine in PDF format and converts it into flash flipbook. Self Publishing Software is the best assistant to help you completion the transition. Once you create the flipbook on Self Publishing Software, you can publish the converted file on your website for people reading. Then people can enjoy it like visual print magazine since for they can flip the book page to view.
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  • Overview

Self Publishing Software is designed for converting plain PDF to animated flash flipbook with page turning effect, without flash skill required. Once the fashion flipbook being done, what you can take it to do?


1. Display visual print magazine on website

As a web designer, find a unique and creative way to present PDF online is difficult. Because the PDF is static file and need to use PDF Readers to view. However, Self Publishing Software can easy to solve your problem. Using it to convert PDF to flipbook, and then publish the flipbook on your website. After that, you will find the book has been embedding on your website and people can flip the book page to read easily.


2. Appeal Mobile users to read your magazine

Now, more and more people prefer to use iPad or other mobile phone to read the magazine. So, if you hope to obtain more readers, you can also make the iPad iMagazine. Self Publishing Software provides multiple output formats for you to converting. You just need to output it with HTML and Mobile version format. And then, the converted book will support for read on iPad, iPhone, Android etc.


3. Show books in BookCase like visual Library

One of the functional features from PDF to Flipbook Software is BookCase. After designing the background of flash flipbook, you can upload it online directly and put all the books on BookCase. Once done, you can share the bookcase link to people easily.