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For Mac OS 10.5.6 or above

PDF to Flipbook Software for Mac

Have you ever convert PDF to flip ebook sharing with people online? If you done, you may find that most of them are window desktop tool, which is inconvenient for Mac users. PDF to Flipbook Software for Mac is also helping to create flip ebook with static PDF file, but work for Mac OS. So when you want to bring the flip effect into PDF on Mac, Flip book Maker for Mac must be the best assistant to help you. Make your wonderful and unique flipping ebook with PDF to Flipbook Software for Mac now.
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  • Overview

PDF is high-quality and popular format for presentation. Today, people keen on making PDF e-magazine instead of print magazine, so as to reduce the cost of publication and enhance the promotion. It is adapt for reading but the drawback of PDF is not convenient for sharing. Why say that? For example, designer makes a PDF magazine and then publishes it on their website; when visitor want to browse the PDF file, they will need to download the file and install PDF Readers to view. Maybe some of them are impetuous, unwilling to spend time to download.


To avoid this you can create interactive flash flip ebook with PDF to Flipbook Software for Mac. Flash flip ebook provide the look of real book that make up of PDF drawbacks. You can flip any book page by mouse or button click, even view all pages in thumbnail or bookmark. The whole reading progress does not need the help of Readers tool like PDF Readers.




And the affordable Flip book Maker for Mac not only help you to convert PDF into flash flipping book, but also offers templates, themes for you to design the aspect of book. You can choose template to beauty your magazine. You can choose those output formats to create online or offline magazine, brochure, publication…


Apply PDF to Flipbook Software for Mac to create digital flip book such as any type of publications, magazine, brochure, catalog, tech book, photo flipbook with best quality and fast speed on Mac.