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For Mac OS 10.5.6 or above

PDF to Flipbook Converter for Mac

Convert PDF to flipping book and publish to online have become the effective way to attract readers. However, some of them are in favor of Mac system so hope to find a Mac version to conversion. PDF to Flipbook Converter for Mac is compatible with Mac and enable you to convert PDF into flipping book with flip page effect. It must be your best choice to create online flash flipbook, which provides multiple templates and themes for you to design the aspect of flipbook. The powerful and simple to use Flipping book maker for Mac.
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Flash Player 10.0+

  • Overview

Flipping book combines both Flash animation and Print magazine advantages. In others words, you can play the book like view on an animation and flip the book page online. It provides exciting experience of reading book and never boring to download PDF files. Like such a PR approach have accepted by the designers, web developer and business. Flipping book present in website can be versatility, such as brochure, publication, magazine, brochure, tech book, photo album etc.


To make online sharing Flipping book, you need PDF to Flipbook Converter for Mac. With the help of Flippingbook for Mac software, you can easy to convert files in PDF format into flipping book in a few clicks. All of the conversion progress only requires three steps: import PDF file, design the background of book and convert to online or offline format. And the best is all of the PDF settings will be completely conversion on the flipping book, no matter links, images, layout and words. So you not need to do the same settings after importing PDF to software.




If want to make your book more appealing, you can utilize those custom settings to make your own theme. Or choose those pre-designed themes in software directly. Multiple functional tools you will find in custom settings while designing. You can enable show or hide those tools on book so that people can easy to share, search, zoom in/out, go to the specific page and so on.