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For Mac OS 10.5.6 or above

Page Turning Maker for Mac

Page Turning Maker for Mac is effective software for creating flipping book on Mac. The page turning book maker develops to converting PDF to page flipping book with flip effect. It is compatible for Mac platform, provides App output format for you to converting. And if need to read the book easily on PC and Mac, you can also use other output format: HTML, to convert to your online book. With different template designing, flipping book will be given different style. Make your wanted flipping book on Mac with powerful Page Turning Maker for Mac.
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Flash Player 10.0+

  • Overview

Designers now increasingly choose to present flipbook on website, not just PDF. It is all because the flipping effect enable in flipbook and convenient reading. Have you ever used conversion tool to creating flipping book? That is, make magazine, catalogue, tech book, photo album with page flipping effect from static PDF documents. If you did, you may find that so many conversion tools you can search in Google. But, most of the software is only work on PC. Maybe you are accustomed to use Mac platform to design your magazine, so those PC conversion tools can not make your work more convenience.


Whether there is a Mac conversion tool? Yes, Page Turning Maker for Mac is the best solution. It is compatible for Mac and allows you to convert PDF into flipbook with real flip effect. Flip the book page to read like a realist paper book. It is also powerful and easy to use. Many functional tools provided in this Flipping book for Mac. You can enable show those tools on book, so that people can easy to share the interactive book, search wanted info, read with fullscreen or not. And many templates and themes can be choosing on template setting. Whether you like professional, elegant, neat, all it can easy to create with different templates.




You do not worry that you are the new one to use flipping book for Mac software, since for it is no require flash skill and only takes you few steps to converting, just import, design and convert.