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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Indesign to Flipbook Converter for HTML5

Simple and Easy to use tool for designers!

  • Make eye-catching flip ebooks from PDF files;
  • Functional PC application compatible for HTML5;
  • Decorate flip magazine with custom setting tools;
  • Convert PDF to formats book, HTML/App/ ZIP/EXE;
  • Easily read in any device, PC/Mac/iPad tablet;
  • Share or social share to others, easily get more readers.
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    Flash Player 10.0+

    • Overview

    As a web designer, present flash animation on website has become a common practice. Thanks to the Flash animation can better attract people attention. Unlike the static images or PDF magazine, we can use animation to express the meaning of text or image. So that when people view the flash animation, they can direct realize the meaning you convey, with the mood of enjoy.


    Differ from flash animation, Flip book possess the advantages of both flash animation and paper book. That is to say, you can not only auto play the book online, but also flip the book page to read, like a realist paper book. And if make flip ebook with Indesign to Flipbook Converter for HTML5, you will obtain many templates and themes to design the book. With different templates in software, you can create different style books for people reading, no matter professional, beautiful, simplest and so on. Well, what amazing it is? This powerful software enables you add function buttons on book, so that people can easy to share, search, print and download, and use bookmark or thumbnail to guider etc.


    Maybe you have many PDFs need to convert, and not want to play flipbook in different webpage, then you can use the newly feature "BookCase" in page flip software. BookCase, as the name saying, you can put many books in the visual bookcase, just like put all the books in the library. Nice job, good quality in Indesign to Flipbook Converter for HTML5.