Improve your favorite documents into a new level with PageFlip effect, including PDF, Office, Image, CHM files, etc.

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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Page Flash Book Builder for Free

Convert txt (and more) to flipping book.

  • Convert txt (and more) file in to dramatic page flash book.
  • Realistic digital book with page turning effect.
  • Comprehensive setting tool bar for designing.
  • Share page flip book through ‘Add This’ platform.
  • For anyone to use with 100% free software.
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    Flash Player 10.0+

    • Introduction

    Page Flash Book Builder is a program for free. Here supports free download. You can use it as a conversion tool to change your txt (and more formats) to a page flash book with great turning effect. What can a flash flipping book brings to you? It will not only bring page turning effect, but also a great uses in life. For example, use it for business running. Show you product with a flash flip book online instead of leaflet. Keep protecting environment as your take place of paper work with a digital flash flip book.



    The comprehensive designing functions of Page Flash Book Builder for Free are shown below:


    Change templates, tool bar detail and background detail, including icon color, zoom config, download setting, share button,  font color, button font, window font and its color, bookmark font and its color and so on.

    Adjust book margin and fill in book information with book title, book author and so on.

    Publish with options contained html, zip, exe, app, support showing on mobilephone.

    Support google analytics and can be used for seo purpose.

    Share with others, print pages directly, zoom on or out.

    Save your flipping book designing as project file and even more, save your designed templates.




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