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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Free Flash Photo Flipbook Maker

Free Software for designers making photo flipbook!

  • Double background image settings in Float template;
  • Easily reading with guide tools like bookmark and thumbnail;
  • Support for PC, iPad tablet, Mobile device reading;
  • HTML online output format for sharing on internet;
  • Offline sharing with ZIP or EXE output format.
  • Enable people share to others via e-mail.
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    Flash Player 10.0+

    • Overview

    Marriage is life event, each married people hope to have a unique wedding. As a wedding planner, our goal is to give newly-married a stylish, exclusive and creative wedding. To hold a perfect wedding ceremony, determine the theme of wedding must be the primary task. You had better conversion with married people to know what they like, what they need and what they want. Whether the traditional, funny, adventurous or not.


    What’s more, most of people preserve wedding photos to keep this beautiful moment. However, just preserve it in paper book will not keep for a long time. It is about time to bring a new life to wedding photos and utilize it to make their wedding funny and significative. Page Flip photo book not just save photos in computer forever, but also give the feeling of reading a real paper book by turning book page. It must be the great idea to make a page flip photo book, to present in wedding for people feel the happiness.



    Now we strongly recommend free software, Flash Photo Flip Book Maker. Apply it to your work computer, you will be unimagined that it is so simple like a magic. Just import file, design and convert photos to flash photo flipbook in seconds. Except for presenting in wedding ceremony, its powerful tool "Share" , enable you to share it to family via e-mail. Share the happiness time with more people easily with Flash Photo FlipBook Maker.