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For Mac OS 10.5.6 or above

Flash Flip Book Creator for Mac

Mac Application for converting PDF to flash flip book!

Flash Flip Book Creator for Mac is interactive Mac application, provides multiple custom tools for you to make a perfect flash flip book with PDF. Only with three steps, you can convert PDF to flash flip book for Mac app turning page and reading. It includes Import PDF, decorate the magazine and converting. This Mac application is also designing tool which is necessary for Mac designers. You can not only generate HTML webpage for website, but also enable output to app for offline reading.
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Flash Player 10.0+

  • Overview

Flash Flip Book is a new technology, which is better for accessibly and distribution. With PDF, we can only read the content by sliding page. But Flash Flip Book enables you to turn the book page. Like read a real paper book, but in computer. If you are designers who have many PDFs want to make it friendly for reading, then you can try to convert it into Flash Flip Book with page flipping effect.


Flash Flip Book Creator for Mac is the effective Mac application for converting PDF to flash flip book. It is the best software for making business ebook, magazine, flip photo album and teach book etc. Using it on your Mac, you will find it can assist you to bring a new life to static ebook. Not only enable turn PDF page, but also show functional button on book for people share, search, auto flip etc.




So many amazing features in PDF to FlipBook for Mac, now we summarize some key features for you:

  • Kinds of pre-designed templates, themes and 3D scenes
  • Share the converted book with people via e-mail
  • Output HTML to online or Mac app to offline
  • Guide people how to read with bookmark, thumbnail
  • Safety and convenience for converting
  • Support for adding webpage link in book title
  • Custom setting tools help for designing

    After flash flip book created, you can publish the HTML webpage on your website to improve its appearance, improve the traffic of website and easy for people to search and read online.