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PageFlip Shopping Flash for commercial use

– Make an online shopping flipping book for products.


In today’s digital world, page flipping book is used widely in many different field. It can be some commemorative gift for personal use or it may be apply in commercial field. For example, some online shopper uses the flipping eBook to show products to customers instead of displaying their products stiffly on the e-shop. Even some businessman use digital page flip book to replace the leaflet to improve working efficiency because of they can send an online eBook through email instead of mail a paper one. That is more useful than page flip effect.


So, how to make a shopping flipping book? There are many kinds flipping book software online for you to choose. But I think PageFlip Shopping Flash will be the more professional one. It’s used to create shopping flip flash book with its proprietary function.


The following I will talk about the smart tips to use this software to make a pdf to flip book.

As we want to create a shopping flip book, we may draw a picture for the eBook. For example, the front page as the cover of the flipping book; the second and third page for the main and competitive products; then the following pages to display other goods; finally you should leave the last page for ending the eBook.


Ignore the ordinary setting for a flash flipping book; let’s start to learn the special function to a shopping eBook. Let’s take the plan above as an example.


  1. 1.What can you put in the cover? I think a company logo and picture will be a good choice. You can add side show for the company image. What’s more, make the image zoom in when the mouse move close it. In this case, customer will attract by the zoom in picture and when they click it, more images of your company will be shown to them.


  1. 2.Add flash to the cover. For example, you can gain floating bubbles effect if you add related flash. This will be so eye-catching and beautify the interface. In Another Example, you can add flash advertisement banner to get advertising effects.



    3.What’s more, add your website link as to guide your customers to your home page. This is a well application in business.



    4.Let’s go to the products flip pages. You can choose ‘Add text Button’ to draw a product link. Some shopping buttons have been offered in this software for you to apply, such as price icon, buy icon and more! If you find it not enough to use, you can import more.



OK, if you discover the detailed function by yourself carefully, I believe you can build more creative shopping pdf to flip book. If you use it in the right way, it will Played A Huge Role in your online shopping business.





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