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Pageflip Office to Flash Professional Won Popularity Once Sold Online


Pageflip Office to Flash Professional is the modified version of Pageflip Office to Flash. It was developed and published by PageFlipPDF Company. This is a kind of flipbook software aims to convert various documents to flash flip book. Once it was launched and sold online, it shown great marketing reaction since its price is more expensive than the standard one. The reasons for its top sales can be summarized as the following two points by Selling Manager. Firstly, it’s comprehensive conversion function which can change office file (doc, ppt, xlsx, vsd, ect), PDF file, TXT file and more to flash flip book brings great convenience to customers. There will be no limitation for conversion documents. Secondly, the editing functions for flip page improve eBook usability and readability. Since video, flash, images and more multimedia elements could be added to flip book, the commercial value and personal value drove the software sales up.


Features for Pageflip Office to Flash Professional:
1. PageFlip Office to Flash Pro supports multiple formats as follows: ppt, doc, docx, pptx, xlsx, xls, docx, vsd, pub, xml, xsn, chm, PDF, TEXT, rtf.
2. Multi edit page options, including hyperlink, video, movie (support FLV format), etc.
3. Comprehensive customizing functions for designing flip book.
4. More features are listed on homepage:


Since flip book now has not been taken full advantage of, it has great poten potential development in the future. The manager of PageFlipPDF Company said that people had not discovered the commercial value of flip book which can be widely used in online business. Their goal is to show people how to apply this software to help their business and for another side is to keep free updating for their customers.


About PageFlip PDF Company provides low-cost and handy programs for editors and publishers to easily produce professional PageFlip Flash Flip Books! Its homepage is “”. The vision is to be the best partner of creating pageflip flash book and the mission is to Improve the field of PageFlip Flash Book by creating more complete product to view digital publications online and offline.




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