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Interaction between Flip Book and Customers


As one kind of digital book, flip book has come upon the stage with its powerful function. That means digital book industry have a great step to a wider area which not only support reading, but also support interaction. It can be listed down for two points. One is for publisher of flip book and another is for readers. They can be concluded as flip book customers.


Interaction between Flip Book and Customers


Take PageFlipPDF Software as an example. One of their main products is PageFlip PDF to Flash Professional. With this software, users can design lots of multimedia elements in the flip book page to rich eBook content, such as audio, flash, links, buttons. They can define actions for each element which can guide readers’ action. That means, they are not only a digital book publisher, but also a interactive eBook designer.

For readers, they have great initiative reading choices for themselves. Reading becomes interesting and not obsessive because readers can not only choose want they want to read, but also use the rich multimedia objects in the eBook to get the information they want. They can easily expand their vision from the flip book and the outside website that the eBook links to.


flip book with page turning effect


How fantastic these digital eBook becomes. The revolution of digital world makes it possible for interaction between flip book and customers. The high technology will create more humanizing designing function for flash flipbook to cater more people’s need. EBook will be no longer a digital book, but a life tool that spread information, bring entertainment and communicate with customers. Here to know more about flip book: The flipbook products mentioned above is with detailed information here:






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