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Flip Book Marketing Tool Bring New Life for Online Shopping


E-commerce keeps high development with fierce competition in today’s digital world. Everyone launches fresh creation for their online business day by day. In such background, companies which develop PDF to flash flip book software have quickly grown for the market demand. Their products aim at converting PDF to digital publication which can be applied widely in e-commerce.


Flip Book


Take PageFlipPDF Software as an example, one of its products called PageFlip Shopping Flash is full of competitiveness. For its layout, it’s more creative than usual digital eBook with realist page turning effects and versatile templates. This will bring great user experience for digital eBook reading. Its thumbnail and bookmark will quickly guide readers to targeted content. For its comprehensive setting options, will help online shoppers design wonderful products e-brochures with lively links, flash, button, video, photo slideshow for his products. That means customers can have overall knowledge for what they want to buy online, because what the e-shoppers show will no longer pictures or texts. For example, they can record products’ how tos as a video and insert it in to related flip page. In this shopping flip book software, there are several publishing options for freely choose. It’s good news for users because they can choose the format that they want. For example, e-shoppers can publish an exe format to send to their customers as a digital gift for mail marketing strategic.


Of course not all the flip book is used for commerce. The professional one called PageFlip PDF to Flash Professional developed by PageFlipPDF Software is for everybody who likes digital publication. The editing functions helps users easily create personalize flip book by own without help. One of the customers said, he used the flip book to create a photo album as a gift for his friend’s birthday which surprised his friend. Here is to know more about flip book and PageFlipPDF Software:


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