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Five Points to Decorate Your PDF to Flip Book


Pageflip PDF software is the technology used in creating different kinds of digital eBooks, such as digital books for business use, realistic magazines, other brochures or flash journals. More and more people have discovered the benefits of the flash flipping book. Not only because it has the book-like page turning effect, but also because its utility.

Well, as we all close attention to flash flipping book, I would like to share my three main points to decorate the flip book in the Pageflip PDF software. You can take it as a suggestion. If you have some better idea, share with me. Let’s make our flip book more beautiful.



  1. 1.Layout

Layout is the window of the PDF to flip book. It faces to all the viewers of the flash book. What it is will affect the viewers’ feeling directly. Sure, you should make sure your background pictures are the one match your flipping book, don’t make it a pretty fish book with dark hell background. It’s really not good. Remember to change the tool bar color in order to make it more harmonious in the book. Then maybe the book margin, flash window color, and the font color are for you to pay attention. Be a careful person in every detail.


  1. 2.Content

Content not only means your article or pictures in the pdf to flip book, but also the digital effect in the flash book. I mean you can add link to the page, such as a link to Youtube to share video in the page. Or you can add pictures or article to it. But I would mention here, the Pageflip PDF to Flash Pro has these functions and the Pageflip PDF Flash didn’t, it is the ordinary one.


  1. 3.Book information

Fill in your book information. Maybe it’s not eye-catching in your page flip book. But it can protect your pdf to flip book copyright. Well, it also let the book seem so wholesome.


These are three main points. There must be more details for us to decorate our page flip book. Let’s discover it and share more.





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