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Comprehensive Introduce Adding Image to Your flipping Book

– Smartly Use Action Options to Vivid Your PDF to Flash Book


When we edit word file, it’s normally to insert chart, SmartArt, Pictures and more to rich your word content. It’s the same in our flipping book. When we convert PDF to flash book, we need to add images and other elements to the flip page which can help to catch readers’ eyes and help them better understand our eBook content.

Absolutely we can use Add Image function in the page editor. But some people fail to apply the comprehensive effect to their flipping book which hided in “Action Options”.


Now let’s get a detailed learn to use Add Image cleverly!


Add Image to PDF to Flash Book


    1. Make image zoom in when mouse move over the image which can remind people that something has hidden in the image.
    2. Adjust the size of image
    3. Decide your image position, in the front or in the back. This is useful when you add several images.
    4. You can set a transparency for images.


    5. Action Options :


5.	Action Options in flipping book page editor


Down: The image will be fired when you click down the image.
Up: The image will be fired when you click up the image.
Move: The image will be fired when you move your mouse is moving over the image.
Over: The image will be fired when your mouse is over the image.
Out: The image will be fired when your mouse move out the image.


Go to page: Click image to go to the targeted page.
Open a link: Click image to open the pre-setted link.
Call Javacript function: Click image to call Javacript function.
Open Flash Window: Click image to view flash.
Play Audio: Click image to view an audio.
Photo Slideshow: Click image to play a photo slideshow.




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