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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Cucoloris Theme for eFlip Software

Free download and helpful in eFlip software

  • Multiple options for book information configuration.
  • Customize downloaded templates to your style.
  • Integrative operation experience for flash book publishing.



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    Flash Player 10.0+

    • Introduction

    Cucoloris templates for eFlip programs are 100% free here!


    Today’s flash flip software theme for free is the Cucoloris style. When sunset or sunrise, oblique sunlight shines at the horizon, you can see only a cucoloris if you are facing sunlight. Sometimes it will show a soul-stirring beauty. Use this style pack to your PDF to page flip book and make it amazing to readers. Also remember to check for more templates free on the themes section. We’ll help sharing your books to your friends and clients.

    These templates include four styles and it’s suitable to use in travel digital magazines, flip book of geography brochures, photograph flash catalog and other fields that you can think of. Enjoy designing your PDF to flip books.


    Screenshot of the Cucoloris Theme: