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Why people choose PDF ebook instead of traditional book?

Traditional Book needs to consume large amounts of paper resources. It is not environmental protection. So along with the growing popularity of the network, we start to use ebook instead of traditional book, especially favorite for PDF ebook.


Why people choose PDF ebook instead of traditional book


I've summarized some advantages of PDF ebook:

1. Portable format: Traditional books take up more space than PDF ebook;

2. Cheaper and free books: PDF ebook can be downloaded from website for free or charged. But traditional books need to pay more money;

3. Sharing easily: You can share PDF ebook for worldwide. But the distribution of traditional book has some limitations.


If you still use traditional book, you can try to make PDF ebook. More advantages you will find in the process. Now, I will introduce a program which enables you DIY PDF ebook in minutes.


eFlip Standard is program allows to create unlimited publications from PDF, Office and Openoffice, for Web, Mobile and Tablet. It comes with multiple pre-designed templates, themes and lively scenes. You can easy to use it to create your flipbook without any flash skill.


The following will tell you how to make PDF ebook with eFlip Standard:

1. Download eFlip Standard and install to your computer:

2. After installing, launch it and click "Create New" icon to import files (PDF, MS Office, Openoffice or Image);

3. Select template in the left side and design the book themes;


Why people choose PDF ebook instead of traditional book


4. Publish book to online by "upload online" and share the book link to your friends, or you can embed the book code to your blog or website.




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