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How to make vocabulary flip cards for iPad?

What is vocabulary flip card?

It is a digital book which allows you to flip book page like a realist print book.


Why I need to make vocabulary flip cards?

.You can learn different language by reading vocabulary flip cards;

. You can browse it on Mobile device online, like iPhone, iPad, Android;

. Make your learning easier and vivid;




Then, if it is what you are looking for, please follow below steps to learn how to make vocabulary flip cards for iPad?


Step1: Install and Run

Download eFlip Professional from, install it to your machine and Run on it;


Step2: Make Vocabulary flip cards from PDF or Image

. Import PDF or Image to software;

. Choose template and design its background;

. Use Page editor to add rich-media to page;

. Click "Apply Change" to save all settings;


How to make vocabulary flip cards for iPad


Step3: Enable for reading on iPad

. Press "Publish" button to choose HTML output type;

. Check "Also Make Mobile Version" option and select view mode (flip, slide, single page flip);

. Write save path and click "Convert" icon to make vocabulary flip cards for iPad.


How to make vocabulary flip cards for iPad


After converting, you will get a file on your computer. Just publish it to your website and then people can view it on iPad, iPhone, Android.


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