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How to make flipping photo album with digital photos?

In today’s colorful entertainment life, take a picture has become an essential part of living. Family with pat, holidays, every moment of inspiration, we use camera to record the picture. It is our important treasure. Like frame famous paintings to make it more previous, bring the flipping effect for digital photos is very meaningful. Convert images to flip album is undoubtedly the most popular way. Here we will tell you a simple way to create flipping photo album with digital photos, just follow below steps:

1. Run eFlip software (eFlip Standard/ Professional/Lite) and press "Create Now" button to open importing interface;
2. Move to the Source File and click "Import Image";



3. In here, you can browse and add images, photos, pictures to blank box, and click "OK" once you have added;



4. Press "Import Now" icon to view the flipping photo album.




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