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How to make animation Flipbook from PowerPoint?

How to make animation Flipbook from PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is document designed for presentation. Teachers can use PowerPoint to teaching, animation and funny. Planner can list activity details by use of PPT slideshow. It is widely used in our work life.


eFlip Software can help you to bring animation flip effect for PowerPoint, that is to convert MS PPT into flipbook in minutes. Learn this tutorial to make animation Flipbook from PowerPoint, for reading on PC/Mac/Mobile/Tablet.



Step1: Download and Install

Find eFlip Standard/Professional in and download to install;


Step2: Convert PPT to flipbook

. Run software and create a new project by click "Create New" icon;

. Import PPT file and set its quality, size;

. Choose template and custom its background;


How to make animation Flipbook from PowerPoint


Step3: Publish

. Output flipbook with HTML, read for PC or Mac online;

. Output flipbook with App, only view for Mac;

. Output flipbook with HTML and Mobile version, to make HTML5 flipbook, read for Mobile and Tablet;


After publishing, you can get a Flipbook file in your computer. Just upload it to your website so as to more readers.




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