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Switch different types of images to photo flipbook

In the previous version, eFlip Software (eFlip Standard/Professional) supports for importing Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice. But for helping people create photo flipbook, now it allows you to switch different types of digital images to photo flipbook. You can define how many images to converting, and which images format to importing (support for jpg, jpeg, png, bmp).


The below steps is about how to convert images to photo flipbook:


Step1: Install and Run eFlip Software

You can free download eFlip Standard, eFlip Professional from And then run on it.


Step2: Create photo flipbook

. Click "Import File-Import Image" icon;

. Add Images to blank frame, including jpg, jpeg, png, bmp format images;

. Set the width and height of book by checking "Setting Width And Height" option, as you need;

. Click "OK" icon to create photo flipbook.


Switch different types of images to photo flipbook


Step3: Upload Online

Use Upload Online feature to publish you photo flipbook to Amazon cloud server, make a link for flipbook for reading online.


Switch different types of images to photo flipbook


One of the examples:



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