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May Users Share Flash books via Facebook?

Do you have a Facebook account? If you have, you can now share your Flash books from eFlip Standard via Facebook immediately. When share the Flash books to facebook, as we all know, there would be much more readers, it is just like you are sharing something new, fresh or useful for all followers.


And briefly speaking, there are two ways of sharing Flash books to Facebook. One is for writer of the Flash book, another one can be for readers of the book.


1. For writers, after uploading the Flash book, they may get a URL of the book, and a window come to them, they can directlly share the Flash book there to Facebook;

2. In the editing process of the Flash books, writers of the book which are the users of eFlip Standard may show the Social Share button, then both readers and viewers can share the Flash books to their Facebook account easily and convenient.


(One thing to mention, users of eFlip Standard must upload the Flash book to a web page. If users have no website, the eFlip server upload online service may help you.)



Screeshots of Sharing Flash books via Facebook:

Share Flash books via Facebook




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