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How to produce Page Flipbook in HTML format?

Question: I am a web designer. Recently, I find a funny ebook call Flipbook in other website. It is amazing that I can flip the book page like a realist print book. How can I make such HTML flipbook for mine website? Can eFlip Software do?


Answer: Yes, eFlip Software is flipbook maker for converting ebook to pageflip book. With using eFlip Software, you can make HTML/App/EXE flipbook, read online or offline. The below tutorial will tell you how to produce PageFlipbook in HTML format with eFlip Software.


Step1: Download and Install

. eFlip Standard:

Standard version for making flipbook, from PDF/Image/Office/OpenOffice;

Download Link:


.eFlip Professional:

Professional version for creating 3D flip book, with multiple rich media;

Download link:


Free Download one of the versions and install to your computer.


Step2: Design Flipbook background

. Open software and import ebook, choose one of the pre-designed templates;

. Custom Flipbook background and Click "Apply Change" to save settings;


How to produce Page Flipbook in HTML format


Step3: HTML Flipbook

. Click "Publish->Flash/HTML5" in the menu;

. Write the save path and Flipbook html title;

How to produce Page Flipbook in HTML format

. Click "Convert" icon to make HTML flipbook.



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