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How to Get Mobile Version Flipbooks?

Want to read the flip book on your mobile devices? Basiclly, you should have the mobile version flip book, and then make sure that the book has been published online.


How to make the mobile version flipbooks from the page flipping software? The mobile version can be made only under the html and zip format because the flip book on mobile devices should be the html version.


1. Click "Publish" on the main interface;

2. Choose "html" or "zip" format to convert the flipbook;

3. Select the under option as mobile version and choose a flip format for books on mobile devices;

4. Convert the flipbook, then you can get the mobile version;

5. Upload both the "html" and mobile version files into the website.

6. View flipbooks with right link on mobile devices.



Screeshots of Get Mobile Version Flipbooks:

Get Mobile Version Flipbooks




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