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How to display dynamic banner on the background of flipbook?

Brilliant banner ads are very effective to establish and improve the customer brand image. Moreover, dynamic banner design has proven to be the most effective way to attract viewers. Would you like to display dynamic banner on the background of flipbook, so that transmit important content for visitors? With the help of plugins, you can easy to do it. Following the below steps:


1. Create Flipbook from PDF/Office/OpenOffice/Image

Launch eFlip Professional and import your file to open designing setting window;




2. Set Plugin

In the left side of flipbook, there is a plugin panel. Open it, find Bubble-Banner in the resource list and double click it;




3. Set Bubble-banner

In the Bubble-banner setting panel, you can add image or swf resource to banner and adjust the position of banner. After settings, click "Apply" icon to preview the effect;




4. Screenshot





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