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How to create Flash Flipbook from scan file?

How to create Flash Flipbook from scan file


This tutorial is intended to help people who want to keep classical book and paper photos for a long time. You only have to scan them and save them as image files. And then create Flash Flipbook from these scan file with the help of eFlip Professional. eFlip Professional is conversion tool supports for converting image, PDF, office, openoffice. It includes many output formats for you to create online or offline flipbook.




What’s more, once you purchase eFlip Professional, you can get a free 10 GB storage space to store book online.


Now let us learn how to create Flash Flipbook from scan file with eFlip Professional:


Step1: Install and Run

Download eFlip Professional from Install it to your machine and run on it;


Step2: Scan File

Scan your file with your Scanner and save it as image files;


Step3: Create Flash Flipbook

. Click "Import File->Import Image" to add images and import;

. Design with template and theme;

. Add video/link/button/image to book page;

. Click "Apply Change" to show effect;


How to create Flash Flipbook from scan file


Step4: Upload Online

Open "Upload Online" button in the menu and input account to login. Then edit the html title of flipbook to uploading. Wait for some minutes, you can get the link of flipbook.


How to create Flash Flipbook from scan file


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