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Guide about how to manage online flipbooks

Question: I have used eFlip Professional to upload my flipbooks. But I donot know how to manage those online books. Can you give me some ideas?


Answer: There is a function call "Manage Online Books" on eFlip menu, which help you to manage and share flipbooks you uploaded to our cloud server.


Details about how to manage online flipbooks:


Firstly, press "Manage Online Books" button and sign up with your eFlip Publisher account;


Guide about how to manage online flipbooks 


In manage online Book panel, all you uploaded books will be list in this panel. In each column of online book, you can view its status, share it to email/Facebook/Twitter and even disable read online.


1. Current status:


Guide about how to manage online flipbooks


If state is uploading, that means your book upload faired.


2. Share:


Guide about how to manage online flipbooks


Click “Share” button and share your book link to social share/email, and even embed to your website.


3. Book Detail

Modify the html title of flipbooks.


4. Hide:

Disabled book won’t be read by anybody.


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