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DIY Screen Saver with created Flipping ebook

It is a waste of electricity when you have something need to leave but still running computer. In order to save power, we can set up a Screen Saver for your computer. Screen Saver can be making from pictures, flash and flipbook. Now this tutorial will tell you how to DIY Screen Saver with created flipping ebook.


Because in this process, we need to use eFlip Professional program. So if you want to make a screen saver, you should install eFlip Professional to your machine firstly.


Step1: Launch and Import

Run on eFlip Professional program and browse and open file to import;


Step2: Create Flipping ebook

. In the left side of flipbook, there is a panel call "Design Setting"; Open it and choose template & theme;

. Enable show or hide toolbar button;

. Use Page Editor to add media, such as link, image, button, video etc;

. Click "Apply Change";


Step3: DIY Screen Saver

. Click "Publish->Screen Saver" button;

. Name for the screen saver, here we call it "flipbook";

. Create and install this screen saver to your desktop;


DIY Screen Saver with created Flipping ebook


Step4: How to view it?

. Right-click on desktop and press on "Personalize";

. Click "Screen Saver" in the lower right corner;


DIY Screen Saver with created Flipping ebook


. In the pop-up dialog, all screen saver store in list option. Choose your screen saver and preview it and click "OK" to apply;


DIY Screen Saver with created Flipping ebook


Download eFlip flipbook software to have a try now >>

eFlip Professional >>

eFlip Professional Mac >>

eFlip Standard >>

eFlip Standard Mac >>