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Create Audio Kid Flipbook for learning easily

Audio Kid Flipbook is funny book which helps your children to learn the book knowledge in a relax way. It seems like a teacher, careful and detail to describe the content of each page of flipbook. I think it must be a meaning gift for your children. Then how to make Audio Kid Flipbook?




To make Audio Kid Flipbook, you need to prepare:

1. Download and Install eFlip Software (eFlip Standard/Professional);

2. Importing File: support for PDF, Image, Office, OpenOffice format;


All ready? Then follow below steps:


Step1: Run software and create a new project;

Step2: Import files and choose template;


Step3: Set audio for flipbook

. Open "Assistant" panel on the left side of flipbook;

. Click "Record & Manage Audio Files", write text for each page and choose engine you installed, after that, click "Generate";

. After generating, you can click "Play audio" to listen.

.After all page edited, click "Apply" to view the audio flipbook now;


Create Audio Kid Flipbook for learning easily


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