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Build App Flipbook for reading on Mac computer

eFlip Standard/Professional is Windows application for making Page Flipbook from PDF, Image, Office format file, OpenOffice. You can easy to make 3D flipbook with eFlip Software, for PC, Mac, Mobile and Tablet. Output book with App format, your flipbook can be easily read on Mac computer.


Learn this tutorial to know how to build App Flipbook for Mac:


Step1: Install eFlip Standard/Professional

Download and install eFlip Software from website.


Step2: Design the background of flipbook

. Open software and import PDF/Image/Office/Openoffice;

. Select template in the left side of flipbook;

. Use template setting to custom unique theme.


Build App Flipbook for reading on Mac computer


Step3: App Flipbook

. Click "Publish->Mac App" in the menu;

. Write the save path and click “Convert” icon to create App Flipbook.


After converting, you can get an app format file in your computer.


Build App Flipbook for reading on Mac computer


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